Saturday, March 31, 2007


Now, I have said in the past that I hate the Wii. It's nothing to do with Nintendo, creators of probably the best and most famous pixel characters ever. Do I need mention the names Mario and Pikachu or start humming the famous Tetris tune. No. I don't. Well, I'm more or less on the Wii's side now and I'm thinking about buying a console. It's been hard resisting because this video pops in my head anyone mentions the word Wii.

Just watching those two nerdy Canadians beat the snot out of a next-gen console made me feel somewhat thankful that the media was preventing me from running into the Newcastle branch of Game and screaming "Wii!".

But, the media around me is taking a completely different change. Good ole Ze Frank (who completed his blogging project this year) made a video about the joys of playing with his Wii. Although masturbation references are blatant, I like it.

And to be honest, Wii Sports looks quite cool. It may reduce my hideous belly which is part of my hideously hideous physique.

And if you can't be bothered with the arseache of switching over the TV channel to check the news and weather, the Wii has it sorted.

And the internet is sorted too.

This is NOT an advertisement paid for by Nintendo. If Nintendo would like to pay me, the donation button is just to the right over there in the sidebar.

Or they could give me a Wii.

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