Saturday, December 01, 2007

iPhone :: Second Opinion

Today I went to Newcastle, visiting every Carphone Warehouse and O2 store, setting my face as the wallpaper on every iPhone on display. During this bit of tom-foolery, I had a little play with the devices, and have to correct my previous post.

So, here we go.


I'll split this into separate sections, one for every part of the iPhone*. Let's start off with


Apple state they have put a full internet browser on the iPhone. And they're correct. I checked my blog on the iPhone, and I could not believe that Apple put my crappy little blog onto the iPhone. The text looked sleek and I loved how you could just zoom into paragraphs by tapping. I seriously would want the iPhone for Safari alone.


The iPhones on display didn't have the Mail function, but a nice O2 worker had one in his pocket and gave me a little demo on how his iPhone works well with Gmail. His sister was in Spain on holiday and took a photo of her daughter with a BlackBerry and emailed it over to him. The simplicity was remarkable.


"The iPhone is the best iPod ever", Apple claims. I'm not too sure about that. It's a little bit fiddly at the beginning, and it's still fiddly at the end. Yes, it works, but I had about ten people asking me how I got Green Day on it. Even when I showed them how to do it, nobody could grasp it that well. Instead of dials and arrows, Apple could have at least labeled them "Volume" and "Back".


I have seen a countless number of blogs slamming the iPhone's keyboard, and how they can't touch the correct keys, and how the spell check doesn't help. Well, they're wrong. I might be saying this because I have really thin fingers, but I typed with ease. And when I (deliberately) mis-spelled a word, the spell check gave me the correct word straight away. The same goes for NOTES and a part of SAFARI.


And finally, I love the YouTube app. To test it, I thought no better video than Star Wars Kid (I feel some people may be upset with this decision). I loved the full screen option and the quality was excellent (in YouTube terms)


I am now Stephen Fry.

*the bits I tested

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