Friday, June 27, 2008

I Want This Shirt

This is the Wi-Fi Detecting T-Shirt, which would have been really handy on my recent trip to Belgium, where I constantly got my laptop out, searched for hot spots to no avail, put the computer way and repeated the same process ten minutes later.

I love its little blue bars is framed in the screen of a white MacBook. I also love how they've managed to get so much out of a piece of fabric you can drape over yourself. It's a brilliant shirt! It's also great because it can detect speeds of 802.11 b/g (which is what my laptop is on), so whenever my chest starts to glow bright blue, I know that I can watch some crap Renetto's waffling about on YouTube.

If you would like the shirt, go here to Firebox UK and get your own super-duper wowzer bowzer Wi-Fi Detecting T-Shirt (but don't make them go out of stock, I want one too!).

Japanese Poopage

I've came across a little Japanese animated gem on YouTube entitled "How to poop".

It's sick, twisted, bizarre stuff that makes you wonder what the hell the animators were thinking at the time of making it.

Seeing that most of the world's population doesn't speak fluent Japanese, some nice kind English-speaking person has translated the weird cartoon for us, but not that accurately. This translation actually makes you wonder which parts have been properly translated, and which bits are a joke...

For those of you who are currently in work, here is the correct etiquette for taking a plop at the office.

EDIT - Something even more disgustingly warped, in the same cartoon series. This time, our very regular tiger friend visits a department store, and leaves one turd short.

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