Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Blyth McDonalds Turns Russian

Early July of this year meant that we had our little Russian friend Kristina over to get her annual respite from the strong air pollution of Belarus post Chernobyl. As her scrawny person jumped off the organised coach opposite a Blyth church we embraced her and introduced her to some gifts - one of which was a Nike handbag that she fell in love with.

Becasue this was a sunny summer evening in Britain we were all starving so we decided to head down to our local McDonald's to get some Western tuck in the form of fries, Big Macs and a couple of Happy Meals for the kiddies.

When we arrived we couldn't help to laugh at the fact that everyone who has Russian orphans over every year decided to go to McDonald's so this little food cottage was jam packed with Russian (and English) children.

So I got Kristina and my sister Maree to a table and we decided to do the blow straws joke and fired the empty straw packets halfway across the restaurant and into somebody's ketchup. I tried blowing three in one go and it resulted in something similar to fireworks. So I laughed.

But then we got bored so we went into the Party area of McDonald's and I got the girls some colouring pages of Ronald McDonald. There weren't any wax crayons in the little plactic box thing but luckily we had already got Kristina a pack of fifty felt-tip pens.

This is when we were called over by my mam and dad to have our dinner.

Give Harry a Christmas Present

I would really love a quick secure PayPal transaction for this Christmas.

If you would like to give me one there is a button just about...

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


You may want to go there one day. So if you do, I made you a lovely video which is just below this piece of English writing.

"Hang on a minute...

What happened about David Blaine, I haven't heard a thing about him since the Rocketboom episode last week."

If that's what you're thinking, don't worry. He only got a lack of publicity, which is what he needs (not saying that charity is a bad thing). But there are some news stories trumpeting the news of his success, such as the Beeb and err...


No one else.

Do you have any David Blaine links? Mail them to

You may even want to add me to MSN.

Monday, November 27, 2006

God bless Wikipedia

Oh yes. God bless it.

Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia that sometimes pretends to be a real encyclopedia can come up with some funny results if you look for them. Such as the origin to the Nokia Tune.

So, I came up with another handy dandy list because I like them. You might like this list too. I'll try to add different stuff for you. I like you.

1. - Formerly Ask Jeeves. Has a nice little bit of the development (if any) of Jeeves over the years.

2. Templeton Faceman Peck - All about the A-Team character of the same name. I only put it there because it was pointless.

3. Morrissey - All about the singer. Only because I'm seeing him in a few weeks.

4. Paul O'Grady - Because I can hear his voice on downstairs at full blast.

5. Ville Valo - Because I know some people would like to read about him.

6. Zildjian - All about the world famous cymbal manufacturers.

7. The Big Breakfast - About the old morning TV show. Interesting to find out that there was a fire in the cottage used for filming eight months after Big Breakfast had stopped.


Friday, November 24, 2006


Don't be!

Little old Head-Doctor has provided you with many things to unbore yourself. In a handy dandy list. Oooooh.

1. Ze Frank has a little list with some funny things to do when you're bored in an office - clicky.

2. Ze Frank also has another list of stuff to do - clicky

3. Smash up a computer - clicky

4. Assist a drunk getting home - clicky

5. Weebl - clicky

6. Search "boobs" on eBay - clicky

7. Search "boobs" on Wikipedia - clicky

8. Look at your boss's face when he notices you've searched "boobs" on Wikipedia.

9. Take a picture of it and send it to me - clicky

10. Watch thisisaknife - clicky

11. Laugh at this persons face - clicky


Church Sign Generator

The internet is full of handy fun sites and we all know that, but this one has to be probably one of the best.


Church Sign Generator lets you create a church sign with your own personalised message. Here's some I whisked up before.

And like many of these sites it gives you something that was easy to do but gives you a clever feeling. Oooh.

NESPaul Nintendo Guitar

Wow, would you just look at it.

Nerdy but looks so rawk.

Some guy made a one of a kind guitar from his old Nintendo Entertainment System and this lovely link here will provide a portal to a photo blog of what he apparently made in a day with an old guitar and his childhood machine.

Click it. It's funny.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Like, it's here eventually

Yes, the YouTube video I got here for you is todays Rocketboom, when Joanne has an interview with David Blaine suspended in Manhattan.

Take a look, it's funny when he tries to chat her up

"Are you English?"

Wimmern, kann ich eine andere Sprache sprechen

How are you?

Oh good. Me? No, I'm just bored.

Seriously, I'm just waiting for YouTube to finish processing a video of mine.

Please email me if you're out there

Please do.

Calm Down Dear. It's a Very Bad Remix of a Bad Enough Commercial.

Emough said. JAKAZiD's been at it again, God bless him.



From one rock lord to another.

When you get home from your busy day at work you just wanna realx and listen to your iPod, Zen Micro, or whatever peice of poop you have in privacy.

But not this guy.

He's using the iBump, which can make your iPod louder than holy hell.

Some people I know who have amps would love this peice of wizadry and would love to know how they could get it for a possible Christams present.

Well Poppy, you can click here.


A little product here for artistic OAPs getting a little tired walking about from Marks & Spencers to coffee shops.

Wow, what a beauty. Who'd of thought of a ten legged rocking chair that leans back on leg after leg as you lean into your relaxing into its lovely smooth wooden surface.

Not me, but a company. It's possible.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

can you give me some money lol!

The title is a comment of the below video.

They are the Modern Day Robin Hood, and in this video they gave away $4,000 in a couple of minutes. According to trustworthy ITV News, they say they came from Yorkshire and worked together to get £15,000 and then went to New York. To do that.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Your mother's face. Priceless.

The toy industry has officially went round the bend. All thanks to the GR8 TaT2 maker. The "TaT" bit is possibly true.

But why bother? What's the point? You could just use Blopens.

No, don't. The company say "Open up your very own pretend play tattoo parlor. This easy-to-use tattoo maker kit includes an electronic tattoo pen and funky stencils. Using soft, safe pulsating action, the tattoo pen creates realistic, washable designs with dramatic effects."

Dramatic effects include bleeding around tatooed areas and fights in biker pubs.

Smash Guide

Hello, Mr Head-Doctor here with a guide to help you with filming your expeditions in your garden in which you may smash your stuff then relase out on the hungry public.

I have provided you with bullet points of how to make your smashing video successful. I have also provided some examples

1. Smash real stuff, not stuff made from paper. (eg Paper iPod Nano)

2. Just because you smashed the item in a public area doesn't make you a big man.

3. Smash stuff of importance. (eg Wiis or PS3s, not your perfectly working microphone)

4. Even if you have an internet smashing show, smashing plugged in items is still a stupid idea. (eg Digital TV box)

5. Don't be so thick and get a job.

Bam Mannequin

A little video is taking the internet by storm. First it was on boingboing, then on Rocketboom and it's here. On YouTube over 28,000 people have seen it.

Here it is.

Mental yet creative. I see an opening of a new PS3 game.

Of which, here's the first smashing of video. Over 1 million have seen this.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Cillit Bright

As a follow up to Cillit Bad, I found you a decent Cillit Bang remix. It's rather clever I think. Please watch it and when its finished you may want to see some of this other guy's videos.

Totally Addicted to Boom

Ahhh, Rocketboom. I have to say I am getting hooked on it. It has to be the funniest daily vlog ever made. Here's Friday's in which we hear about Joanne Colan's musical background.


So, if you want to see Rocketboom who might want to click the word "conjunctovitus" just there and hope for the best.

You might want to download it for iTunes.

Go on. It's great.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

One Laptop per Child

This is one of the first pictures of a laptop in a new campaign by an American charity called One Laptop per Child.

It's called the B1, runs a special version of Linux, sports a built in webcam, has three hi-speed USB slots and has the ability to link up to other B1s in the area.

Luckily it's bright green, ideal for frog loving toddlers. It also is apparently lighter than a lunchbox and smaller than a textbook and possibly better than any other school related item.

Critics have said that the laptop is like a consumer gadget. Yeah, if bright lime green is your sort of thing. And they said why not just get a normal laptop. You could but this one's only $100.

It's twisty too.

Cillit Bad

You may have seen that awful remix of the Cillit Bang advert by JAKAZiD. Well if you haven't, I've supplied a YouTube of it. Lucky you.

Painful, so some people watched it and done some of their own. Many of them are the type that would wear Kappa and Le Coq Sportif gear.

And for some reason this guy won't let you upload his monstrous outtake on to websites. Oh well, just as well I've hidden a link somewhere in this sentence for you to watch his crap. (PS You'll find that this whole bit of blue underlined writing is the link)
This one is alright but what's with the end credit sequence?

And finally, Nickdarula's "finest". Illit Bang?

RSS now up

I now have an RSS feed running for the blog, which means you can check up on the surgeries in your personalised Google and you might even get a few downloadable treats with iTunes if it works. If it doesn't work I will try and make it work. To get to the RSS feed page you can click this really big link right here or go to the My Links bit at the bottom of the page, or unless you have a good computer, you will find it at the top of the page. Hee!

Drink piss

No, literally. I searhed piss on Wikipedia and an entry all about Piss Beer came up. They're a company from Australia who export their Piss all over the world - including the UK. Even better though is that they have a low alcohol version of the beer call Piss Weak. Tasty.

You can find their website by clicking here, here and here. You may wanna buy a Piss Pak.

Video news

I'm not putting anymore of my video blog on this blog, but I will put a link in the posts for everyday I release a blog.