Monday, November 27, 2006

God bless Wikipedia

Oh yes. God bless it.

Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia that sometimes pretends to be a real encyclopedia can come up with some funny results if you look for them. Such as the origin to the Nokia Tune.

So, I came up with another handy dandy list because I like them. You might like this list too. I'll try to add different stuff for you. I like you.

1. - Formerly Ask Jeeves. Has a nice little bit of the development (if any) of Jeeves over the years.

2. Templeton Faceman Peck - All about the A-Team character of the same name. I only put it there because it was pointless.

3. Morrissey - All about the singer. Only because I'm seeing him in a few weeks.

4. Paul O'Grady - Because I can hear his voice on downstairs at full blast.

5. Ville Valo - Because I know some people would like to read about him.

6. Zildjian - All about the world famous cymbal manufacturers.

7. The Big Breakfast - About the old morning TV show. Interesting to find out that there was a fire in the cottage used for filming eight months after Big Breakfast had stopped.


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