Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I Zeldom Care

I am halfway through completing Twilight Princess, and I have to say it is the most fun game I have every played.

But I can't help to want to see the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, or use a walkthrough to speed up the journey to reach the end prize.

But it seems as though the end prize is a huge trail of credits, interspersed with footage of many stunning views of Hyrule.

If you are still playing Zelda and don't want anything ruining your gameplay experience, DO NOT PLAY THE VIDEO BELOW.

Frank You Very Much

Ze Frank, the genius he is, has made a love song. Animated by Alyssa Timon.

If you're not aware of Ze's work, here's a few episodes of his video blog that ran for a year called "The Show".

YouTube are a bunch of tools

So much has happened in my absence. YouTube, the complete set of arse heads, deleted my account, therefore wiping all my videos. A whole year of work down the toilet.

Ta. Ta very much, wankers.

I Heart Encrypted Messages


Are the new readers gone yet?

Read that message with this.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What the Crock?!

This web is in all a tizzy over this video of Chris Crocker dancing at a gay club.

Simply horrifying, I think you'll agree.

(Pssst... if you want to see his crudely censored pee-wee, click here. NSFW!)

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Do you have Computerlove?

Here's a little gem that I rather like, filled with rather random art and interesting design concepts. It's called Computerlove, and if you like my blog, you'll love Computerlove.

Check it out today and let the bods blow your mind away.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Anus! Aaaaaaaaanussss!

Remember the 24th November. You bloody well will after this!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Oh Christ

You have to read this. I hope it's not true.

Psst... make your own over here.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Chris Crocker - The Well Planned and Laid Out Blog Entry

Chris Crocker famously said he came out of his mother's vagina holding his nose in a video describing when he "came out". I, like many other people in this world, think that Mrs Crocker is a smart arsed bastard and should be shot several times in the face. But that is a very vague reason of hating a person, because just by saying that I haven't gone into the context of the reasons. So, sit down on your favourite swirly office chair and let the hate begin.

Crockface lives with his grandmother, who I have total sympathy for. Hearing all this swearing and having her make up stolen all the time must get to her. I know family is family and that she loves Chris but she must get tired after a while. So reason one for hating Crocker is:


Crockface is a pretender, always pretending, acting and lying. He models himself as a woman all the time, but he is unbelievably sexist. And not just jokingly sexist, I'm talking about really outrageously sexist. From pregnancy to periods, Crockface is a rude crude motherlover when it comes to hating on the girls.


His facial features are changing all the time and have characteristics of animals. For example, here's some animal faces Chris has pulled in the past few videos he has uploaded.


Just like his hideously mangled face, his hairdo changes like a traffic light. Either that or he has a wig for every day.


Crockface has hissy fits all the time similar to those what a toddler would do after he had peed himself. He doesn't just throw a wobbler, but he screams and screams and screams until his eyes nearly burst. He once stated that if anything bad happened to love of his life Britney Spears, he would jump off the nearest building and hit the ground leading to obvious death.


BRITNEY SPEARS! HE IS THE NUMBER ONE GREATES FAN OF BRITNEY SPEARS AND MUST BE MURDERED FOR THAT VERY FACT! How can anyone of any religion, race, age or state of mind like Britney Spears to so much of a state where they make their own shrine of photographs of her. It doesn't make sense, much like Crockface. Actually, thinking of it now, the only person who could like Britney must be in the same mental state as Britney. Hmmm...


And I think that just about clears up why I hate Crocker. You could also count the fact he uploads shit and is a complete nutcase, but meh.

Uploaded 32 Minutes Ago

*ding ding ding*

Uploaded 33 Minutes Ago

Words cannot explain this. Just watch.