Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year!!!

So, as Mr Time tows in 2007 just like a caravan, we shall reflect on what's happened this year. A whale swam to London, John Prescott got passionate and Kate Moss played a fiver like a nose trumpet. Or was that 2005? Who know, all I know is that 2006 is now my all time favourite year. I'd like to thank you all for reading my blog, many of you read it because I force you to, but anyway thank you so much for dedicating a few minutes everyday to read my verbal crap. Let's hope that 2007 brings new BBC 2 idents because I'm getting really sick of those yellow 2s and I'm sure everybody else is. But, thank you again, remember, Green Chicken is going to be put into production next year, not sure when, but it won't be too long. And that wraps up 2006, bye bye and watch Jools Holland tonight as he's counting in the new year on BBC 2. I watch it EVERY year, despite the annoying yellow 2s. So, last word of 2006, ploppy.

Friday, December 29, 2006


Would you Adam and believe it, there's something wrong with the blog.

If you've just been assaulted by a million pop-ups telling you about the warnings of Activex, I'm sorry. It's all because there are too many video posts on the blog. Shock horror.

Well, so what?

Activex isn't a virus. It wont damage your computer. It's just an added nuisance.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Rube 2

I'm getting bored trawling through video hosting websites looking for downloadable Coke and Mentos videos so here's another Rube Goldberg video made by Lunatim. The result of this machine is a big mess.

Coke and Mentos Week - 5

Been to Newcastle today and got me a Starbucks. Anyway, here's the obligatory crappy Coke and Mentos video.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Coke and Mentos Week - 4

Yeah, I'm getting all downloady over your ass. More Coke and Mentos you can handle and it's only Day 2! I love horse, I really really do. I just hope you enjoy this one, despite how simple it is. It's one of the ones where someone goes into their street and performs the stunt my dropping one or two in a value pack of Pepsi. Still, the most simple turn out to be the best.

Coke and Mentos Week - 3

The third video in Coke and Mentos Week, a little treat for the nerdy podcast subscribers. This time, Phuong and his children put Mentos in some Pepsi, as he shows you at the beginning. Note the bizarre music. Now if you don't mind, I'm watching the IT Crowd upstairs. Leave me alone until the morn.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Coke and Mentos Week - 2

Oh no. It's not one video per day. I'm gonna bang out several videos of Coke and Mentos experiments for you everyday, all this week. This one includes two guys, one dressed like a nerd, inserting about 30 Mentos into a bottle of Diet Coke using a HUGE copper tube.

Coke and Mentos Week - 1

Something nerdy for the podcast viewers. That's right, Coke and Mentos week. A whole week dedicated to the biggest waste of bandwith ever. As if the podcast didn't have enough Coca-Cola references in it. I just like looking at the kid with the summer shirt's face on after the eruption. It looks like he thinks he's at the scene of a serious crime. Oh well, enjoy. Coke and Mentos, part uno.


Lunatim makes Rube Goldberg machines, little contraptions built with household items like matchsticks and pens, then releases them to the world by the power of the web. This video isn't really classed as a Rube Goldberg, more or less "kinetic art", or to some, domino effect experiments. This one isn't like any other I've seen, despite it's small size. It's really, quite brilliant.

thisisaknife at Christmas

Donal and his gang have made us two Christmas videos and put them on YouTube. Which is nice to know that they never forget about their viewers.

Here's video one.

And would you believe it, here's video two.

Nice but odd. If you want to, make a video message to someone you love on your webcam, put it on YouTube and send me the link. I might even put it up here.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Super Duper Christmas!!!

Hello, if you didn't know, it's Christmas Day. If you did know, I hope you got everything you asked for and more. If you are really excited an want to get bored really soon, click here for the Queen's Christmas Podcast. Nice. You know I'll be watching it, on TV and my iPod.

So, what did you get? Mail me and tell me. You know my email address. I got two pairs of Vans, a Handycam, a webcam and a lot of DVDs with good good video things on them.

Here's some nonsense.

End of nonsense session.

I'm now going to look for stupid videos on Google to put on the podcast, but I WILL ask for permission before using their video.

I might even do a blog, seeing as I now have the correct apparatus.

I may even be as huge as Rocketboom.

Saturday, December 23, 2006


When I saw this on the Wikipedia homepage today I said "What?!"

I never knew someone had all the time to write about all 493 fictional species of Pokémon and and the 0 non-fictional species of Pokémon.

Might I suggest to them to get a life and stop eating so much pizza and drinking so much Dr. Pepper.

Thank you.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Is Coke ripping off the little guy?

A video made by Rob Manuel of, in which he compares the video off the Argentinian Coca-Cola website and an original copyrighted video off Oh, and don't mug John-Paul tomorrow at the MetroCentre, please.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


I like Habbo. I like Habbo. La la la la la.

I really like the help centre rooms they have. They really DO help you with some of the most perculiar of problems.

For example, type "I need a poo". And they do their best to give you helpful results.

Then wait a few minutes then type "Too late".

And then you'll notice there's a fellow idiot in the room with you.

And that feels welcoming.

head-doctor review :: 20.12.06

Catsta Smash Krew - Oh, and for those reading my blog, you can now subscribe to head-doctor as a podcast, just click the RSS Feed link and click add to iTunes. It'll be clear.

Redneck Geniuses

Revver doesn't have a straight Coke and Mentos stunt. They either drink it or shoot a mixture of the two with BB guns...

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


I wonder...


Oh and I thought, since I was on about thisisaknife, here's Thursdays epiode.

Remember to go on the knife website, knife MySpace and knife blog every day.



God I love thisisakinfe. A few weeks ago they started a competition to put the most stupid video possible you can make on the Webcameron website. The video below is the first entry made by Donal, the presenter of thisisaknife. I think it's a bit of a giggle.

Monday, December 18, 2006


Just as a thank you for reading I have decided to put the famous Boris Johnson football moment up here.

And here it is.

And there it goes.


Found a funny video you might want to watch.

Merry Christmas, only six sleeps to go!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Digital box that does everything, anything and other things too

Wow, that tile was long.

Here's the link for the story.

Hope you enjoy it.


When GD Productions were in their early stages they played a game called F.E.A.R. on the Xbox 360. They taped some gamescenes and Dominick done a bit of redubbing and it came out a bit like this...


This is a teaser I have made for Green Chicken. I hope you like it and might even pay for downloads when we make it.

Some ideas we have for Green Chicken are Thumbs Up Man, of which his name explains himself. We are even thinking of asking the school to screen the new episode of Green Chicken every Friday, when it's released.

If you would like to contribute to the production funds of Green Chicken, please click the PayPal button on the sidebar. If not, please download the episode.

Anyway, here's the video.

Green Chicken Ad on Vimeo

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Future Internet TV Show News Update Thingymibob

Green Chicken.

I'll say it again.

Green Chicken.

Green Chicken is an internet TV show with me Wayne and Matty (Stanton, of course). It will be COMPLETELY random, will feature Wayne smashing things (yes, even though once said smashing things and putting them online was pointless), somedy sketches, experiments (including pouring as much Radox into a vacuum cleaner as possible) and a "Matty Talks" section, in which Matty Talks.

So, Green Chicken. If there was ever a chicken so green, it'd be Green Chicken.

Green Chicken.

I even love saying Green Chicken.

Funny Video Post

This post contains a funny video I found on the web. I put it here because I like you and I hope you read my blog in the near future.

Thank you.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Saturday Morning TV Graveyard

Lest we forget the greatest kids TV programmes ever, the last one ending earlier this year.

Their memories shall live on, so here I shall unearth some of the best Saturday morning TV shows which are now kaput.



Wednesday, December 06, 2006

You So Ugly

I'd just like to remind you all that the Ugly Piczo competition is still running.

If this is the first you've heard of it, let me explain on how to answer in a *drumroll* LIST.

1. Make a new page on your Piczo.
2. Make it ugly with ugly pictures and ugly music and eurgh.
3. Make it more ugly.
4. And even more.
5. Click this.
6. Put "Ugly" in the subject.
7. Put in a link directing me to your hideous page.
8. Wait until the competition is over.
9. Read the winners post on this very site you are reading right now.
10. If you win, party.
11. If you are a runner up, hug yourself.
12. If I didn't even mention you, you are unlucky.

Oooh! And better news is that I have extended the deadline!


Go and get ugly!!!

Sunday, December 03, 2006


GD Productions makes movies. It is true indeed. GD Productions is made up of George Hopkins and Dominick Allen, but if they used their surnames as initials it would've been HA Productions.

But still, they make funny stuff.

They tell you how to have fun with chairs.

They make music videos.

And they even make comical video blogs.

So, you might want to see more of their work by clicking this poop. You might even want to spread out their work and make them become a worldwide phenomenon.


You mug

No, you're not a mug.

THIS is a mug, which stirs itself magically.


Oh God, it's hideous

Just look at it.

It's like the most hideous Piczo site I've ever seen.

This has got me thinking. Ze Frank had an ugly MySpace competition so I'm gonna run an ugly Piczo competition. You don't need to change your entire site, just make one new page, name it "You So Ugly", decorate it with ugly stuff, uglify it more, do it again some more, then email it to me by clicking clicky and put Ugly as the subject.

You have until Sunday 17th December to do this, that's a good two weeks.

You might even get a present, an entire movie plus song made about you.

Plus a goodie bag, Christmas card and a video message.


Party over.

Yes, Chloe's party is over and I'll be providing videos and pictures after my sleep.

I also heard the lot were hassled by a group of Amble chavs when I left. I saw them when I walked past the fish shop and they shouted "You know everthing!!" and "Gay boy!!".

Oh, and I had to take John Paul home.

Saturday, December 02, 2006


Not much, just a little round up of news.

Bad news, defiant news, obvious news and sleepy news.

I hope you enjoy your news.



It works! CREAMaid, the company who pays you to blog about your McDonald's experience really works. I now have a nice $10 in my PayPal not doing anything, but I'll give it to Kristina.