Saturday, February 24, 2007


Watch this video made by Evan.

Watch this famous YouTube video.

Turn off your computer.


A video from Chloe's party.


A short time ago I noticed that I had a few subscribers, and one was that belonging to haweirdha. This video is one of the two on his account which I posted here.

Then I had a look at his other video, "GODS POWER".

I suddenly thought that I heard that weird London accent before and then I noticed that this guy was wearing a Coquet High School shirt, similar to the one I wear Monday to Friday. I then came to a conclusion.

This servant is none other than my good friend George Philips. Who can be seen here in a Coquet High School short again.

George can be bought from this link here.

Friday, February 23, 2007


A little video I made of people who go to ASDA with a camera. This is to them.

Thursday, February 22, 2007


I came across a guy called Evan who is a vlogger who has really really funny posts. Such as this one about Mission Impossible.

After watching his videos, I felt obliged to remix two of his vids together. Here is the product.

Oh, and here's a little video which must've slipped in on Evan's YouTube page. Or not.

Now, I need some sleep, busy day in the morning.

Wait... it IS the morning!


Whilst searching YouTube for Jackass parodies, I came across this video which is really similar to that of Dominick's I posted just about an hour ago. You be the judge, is it a video response?


A very little video I made called "word.".


Sorry I've been away, I lost internet access for a short while and I've been really busy with cricket work, family stuff and filming at Morpeth for E4.

THEN I realised that Dom from GD Productions had been featured on Knifewriter with this little video.

So, I'm trying to Skype him telling him the good news about this but he's offline. Oh well.


Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Red Row is the venue for the world record attempt for the longest cricket match ever, and I started the blog just now, which you can see here. Please read it as much as possible and try to come to the event, as it is for a good cause, Asthma UK.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Here is a long video made by Dom at GD Productions from a while back. Look out for the part where they go chav watching and look out for Calvin's little appearance.


What, you didn't think I wasn't gonna say anything about the news? Well, you'd be right thinking that. I'm gonna let Mark Day do all the talking.

Britney Spears bald and magnificent

Add to My Profile | More Videos


I hate Yoshi videos or similar videos plastered all over the internet of fanboys taping their games and then putting them online, but this one is rather good.

Monday, February 19, 2007


Here are two posters in black and white for you to print out and put in car windows and normal house windows. You may also want to print a batch of them and hand them out to the public on the streets of major cities across the entire world. I made these in black and white for you to save ink in your little printy boxes. You may even laugh at them. I just do not know.


Maree's my sister, who just happens to be ten today, so I'm just doing a quick post before all her friends come over and pull the house down.

Here is a little video that just doesn't make sense at all.


I have another little experiment on the run, other than the E4 Fame experiment thingy. My other experiment is to make a video of my blog viewers (aka you) drinking a jug of gravy. So, all you need to do is send a link to a YouTube, Metacafe, Bolt, Vimeo, iFilm, Revver, Google Vide, LiveVideo or a whatever video to me by the means of this link.

I also made a lickle poster, which you can see here.

I will make another poster later on today which you can print out and stick in your bedroom or car window or summick, but first, I'll need to sleep.

Oh, and it is just a coincidence that the posts "Pig" and "Gravy" are together. The pig wouldn't be turned into gravy. Or vice-versa. No matter how impossible it is.

Sunday, February 18, 2007


It's the first day of the Chinese New Year, and good ole "we know you hate our company but you still intend on using our service" AOL has came up with this little 2007 Horoscopes special.

According to one part of the horoscope special, they claim that:

Pigs are fun-loving and zesty with a penchant for pleasing everyone.

Yes, everyone enjoys the way pigs smell bad, crap all over the place and eat anything they can find. That's the fun-loving sort they are.

The horoscope goes on to say:

Culinary delights will be just part of living the good life for you Pigs.

The good life? Being mass produced along side other pigs only to be slaughtered then eaten? It just doesn't make sense. At the part where you "enjoy" culinary delights you wouldn't really be living the good life anymore.

It then goes on to say:

This could mean preparing the most nutritious dishes or partaking of tasty morsels like mashed potatoes with gravy and a roast.

Honestly, who only eats mashed potatoes and gravy for their dinner? And can you seriously picture a pig on Masterchef?

Oh well, happy new year to my Chinese readers and enjoy THE YEAR OF THE PIG.

Saturday, February 17, 2007


I'm at Sunderland today and I'm actually typing this up at the lovely air conditioned BBC Radio Newcastle bus. So far, I have been mooned, won £12, bought a programme and discovered this bus. Also, there will be a broadcast from this bus at two which you'll be able to hear on BBC Radio Newcastle.

So, love you.

I need to watch a football match.


Friday, February 16, 2007


Here's a little movie starring the one and only Donal Coonan.


Although it's fake, I'm quite fond of this MySpace profile apparently belonging to Terry Wogan. His only blog post is a one asking why people say to him "thanks for the add" when it is them who add him.

If you are a MySpace head, some good accounts are Russell Brand's, Mark Day's and Ze Frank's.


Here's a bizarre yet funny movie I found of a guy who makes some ramen. Yum.

Me Making Some Ramen on Vimeo

Thursday, February 15, 2007


I have found possibly the most destructive YouTube channel, that of kinokai04. It seems as though kinokai04 lives in a warehouse surrounded by a scrapheap full of electric items, furniture and toilets. Here is one of kino's best of videos, which I just think is absolutely great.



Walkers crisps are doing a little promotion for Red Nose Day, which you should arleady know the date for (March 16th), have a red nose and visited the Comic Relief website.

Anyway, Walkers little promotion are the walkEARS, some huge red ears which you can get at Here is a rather bad quality pic of Gary Lineker modeling them. Oooh.

So it's Red Nose Day and now Red EAR Day?


A funny video made by two Americananas called Joey and David. It's nice.


I got a mention on Knifewriter, which is a good start to a thing which I haven't even mentioned to anyone yet. So without further ado, I will mention it.

I am going to get as famous as possible. I am going to try and get my face in as many newspapers as I can, on as many TV screens as I can and on the walls of as many buildings as I can. And I shall make a movie of it. And send the result to Donal.

And now, a news report of Luke Johnson, whose number is 602 435 3694.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Here is a funny little vid which incidently is the number one single most watched YouTube video of all time.


Happy birthday to Robbie Williams, whose birthday present is lovely lovely antidotes and paackages of willpower as he has been checked into rehab today. Robbie ofcourse said to his fans at a concert that drugs are bad (but alcohol is apparently a good thing) and had them chant "Drugs, boo. Booze, yeah!"

Happy 33rd Robbie. You old tart.

Monday, February 12, 2007


Luke Johnson is the brain behind the Luke Johnson Phone Experiment. Luke has posted a video of him and his phone on YouTube and received a staggering 1,100,817 hits. Seems a bit odd for such a simple video. But if you watched the video, you'd understand why this video has so much attention focused on it.

So that's 602 435 3694. I'm going to try and get him on Skype, record the call and put the call in a video.

Here's one video response to Luke's video, and it seems as though this guy has copied my chin idea.


Here's a little boring blog I found all by myself. It's about a man called Jayen who lives in Spain. In this six minute video he filmed whilst standing on a mountain, he drivels on about small dogs and fellow British immigrants who live in his village. Enjoy, if you can.


Nate Burr is known online as Blunty3000. He likes to do animation, so much infact, that he made a real life animated music video. It can be seen here.

He is also a rather famous blogger on PooTube, and here he is describing his luck in winning a rather rare iPod signed by someone he just can’t remember.

And to finish off, here’s a new nerdy animation series he’s coming up with.

I could go on further about Blunty, but this post ends here.

Saturday, February 10, 2007


I'm an official Starbuckian and soon I'm going to get a little plastic card to prove what a Starbuckian I am.

So, as I won't let you forget, I've been doing a bit of filming with my E4 associate Hamanah. We chucked some Argos catalogues in bins, put loose change in some loose change in the returned coins bit of payphones and played about on some laptops in Fenwick.

To finish my Newcastle story and carry on with this blog, I shall end this post with some photos I found of Newcastle on Flickr. Yes.


I'm in Amble at my nans house. At about 10:15 I'm gonna catch the 518 straight to Newcastle for a round of filming for Donal's E4 pilot. If you want to see a clip of the pilot, just click play on the YouTube window.

Like what you usually do.

Friday, February 09, 2007


Right, so I'm going to Newcastle in the morning to do something for Donal's E4 pilot. We were going to give "free hugs", as it is an internet favourite. But, due to the fact some people in this world are sick and like to touch people of my age, I'm going to have to do something else that will make the world a better place. So, watch this space for our video for E4.

Thursday, February 08, 2007


I've just been going through my YouTube channel and I discovered that I have three subscribers - haweirdha, rbird850 and ekknowk. So, a big hi to them if they're reading, which I slightly doubt they would be. But I had a scuttle through some haweirdha's channel (since he is the only one with videos) and discovered this clever little animation of Lego figures having a dance. Look at it for yourself.

Lovely. Also, Numa Numa guy Gary Brolsma decides to lose some weight.


Lately I've bcome really fond of Mark Day, a Scottish comedian who now lives in San Fransisco for some reason I'm unaware of. You can be the judge of him. I think he's brilliant!


As very little of you know... oh, I'll tell you in a later post. I'm going to Newcastle on Saturday with Hannah, Matt and Fooler for a rather important mission assigned by Donal of thisisaknife fame. And I apparently need to give Tim a bell.

So whilst you watch this space and ponder the news, I leave you with a rather funny video made by Donal and his mate Dan.

It's all about the birds and the bees, don't y'know?

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


To liven up the blog so I don't talk about death and fire and all that, I've unearthed one of my old videos. It's registered on YouTube using my old account. Enjoy it.


Don't worry people, I haven't gone completley insane with the Stanton fireball stunt thing. It seems a little too grim, and there is one huge twist I have deliberately not let out to anyone yet. You just have to guess what this twist is, I may add some red herrings in posts and some humongous clues. And no, the twist does not include red herrings. Or does it? No.

Some more ideas for this stunt is to park it in a field and blow it up with dynamite.
Another is park it at a Sainsbury's car park and torch it.
Or park the car at a service station and plant a bomb in the boot.

Oh the twist WILL be a nice one, and not evil. I wouldn't be that horrible on his birthday now, would I?

Monday, February 05, 2007


Going back on that Stanton stunt I'm going to plan for his twentieth birthday, I'll need help to plan it. Yes, yes, it's six years until the date, but we have to get this planned quickly and get all the creases ironed out. Right, first point is that I wont be of age to drive a bus and probably wont be able to afford one, so were gonna go for a cheap car in which to kidnap him with. I will drive him around for a couple of days until I reach a definite location (and ask the landowner for permission to blow up the car). I shall make a video diary and will give Matty three minutes notice before the car is a fireball. BUT DON'T PANIC. I WILL NOT KILL MATTY. I wont Matty come to any harm, I just want to startle him. It'll be a laugh. And then we'll have to hitchhike home laughing. Here are some possible vehicles available on eBay.

So, what do you say? Are you in?


Here's a funny prank from Japanese TV which reminds me of a prank I'm planning on Matty Stanton's 20th birthday, when I lock him in a bus and blow it up. Remember, in Japan, anything is possible.


I've been trying to buy a domain name today but I've been failing miserably because they're not aacepting my PayPal account (that is legally registered). Oh well, there isn't a reason to be glum, I'll wait until my mum comes with her credit cards. Until then though, here is your winner.

Saturday, February 03, 2007


Hello there everyone. It’s head-doctor here with another handy dandy guide. This time it’s all about the art of microwaving objects.

First of all, websites like PooTube and Poogle Video are full of microwaving AOL CDs, so that’s the number one point:

1) Microwaving CDs

Lovely, now the second part is something I don’t really recommend to anyone, as I adore the destroyed product.

2) Microwaving iPods

Now, the next part of this has something to do with one of my favourite TV shows. This TV show has a presenter who I made a video about after he was plastered all over the news. Yes, it’s Brainiac.

3) Microwaving on Brainiac

And that is the end. Everything here has been microwaved. And it was good. Now, there’s nothing else to do but say one word. Numa.


Sea Launch has a really bad day. A REALLY bad day.

Friday, February 02, 2007


thisisaknife are going to do a feature in two weeks time about boring vlogs. Now, I might make a vlog post about day to day life in Hadston and send it to Donal. Give me ideas of places to visit on my MySpace or leave a friendly comment to this post.

Meanhwile, heres a rather boring vlog post in which some old people go to Darlington to buy a mobile phone. Oh...yay.

Mobile Phone Trip


Wowza, today marks the 100th post to my blog. Observe how the blog now looks more snazzy and very cosmopolitan indeed. Back in October I made this blog to host my rushed video blogs that sort of spiraled away and nobody really noticed they had gone. Lets relive the old days by playing the first blog that featured in one of the first blog posts.


And remember when I said you can drink piss? This was one of the many posts where I found silly sounding websites and products, such as the Piss Beer website.

And remember the skate boarding mannequins?

How about good old Dom at GD Productions?

And everyone loves thisisaknife.

And, for the final time ever, a screenshot of the old head-doctor blog.

Goodbye old chum.

Thursday, February 01, 2007


I'm back from our friends house, with a little extra something. Can you guess what it is?

Oooh, the blog is going to be restyled because tomorrow marks the 100th post of the blog.


Forget what I said about the short posts, I'm allowed. Apparently. I found this little think what you can buy (for $495) which lets you record a stethoscope onto an iPod. Here's a link to the page, and I'm going to leave you with a random photo I found on Flickr.


Just a short post today because I'm at someones house and I'm taking privilege of their computer whilst they're playing rather nice piano tunes. So I'm going to leave a little PooTube video from CBS of the iPhone. You like?

But remember, it's coming out in the winter.