Saturday, February 03, 2007


Hello there everyone. It’s head-doctor here with another handy dandy guide. This time it’s all about the art of microwaving objects.

First of all, websites like PooTube and Poogle Video are full of microwaving AOL CDs, so that’s the number one point:

1) Microwaving CDs

Lovely, now the second part is something I don’t really recommend to anyone, as I adore the destroyed product.

2) Microwaving iPods

Now, the next part of this has something to do with one of my favourite TV shows. This TV show has a presenter who I made a video about after he was plastered all over the news. Yes, it’s Brainiac.

3) Microwaving on Brainiac

And that is the end. Everything here has been microwaved. And it was good. Now, there’s nothing else to do but say one word. Numa.

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