Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Super Duper Christmas!!!

Hello, if you didn't know, it's Christmas Day. If you did know, I hope you got everything you asked for and more. If you are really excited an want to get bored really soon, click here for the Queen's Christmas Podcast. Nice. You know I'll be watching it, on TV and my iPod.

So, what did you get? Mail me and tell me. You know my email address. I got two pairs of Vans, a Handycam, a webcam and a lot of DVDs with good good video things on them.

Here's some nonsense.

End of nonsense session.

I'm now going to look for stupid videos on Google to put on the podcast, but I WILL ask for permission before using their video.

I might even do a blog, seeing as I now have the correct apparatus.

I may even be as huge as Rocketboom.

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