Friday, November 24, 2006


Don't be!

Little old Head-Doctor has provided you with many things to unbore yourself. In a handy dandy list. Oooooh.

1. Ze Frank has a little list with some funny things to do when you're bored in an office - clicky.

2. Ze Frank also has another list of stuff to do - clicky

3. Smash up a computer - clicky

4. Assist a drunk getting home - clicky

5. Weebl - clicky

6. Search "boobs" on eBay - clicky

7. Search "boobs" on Wikipedia - clicky

8. Look at your boss's face when he notices you've searched "boobs" on Wikipedia.

9. Take a picture of it and send it to me - clicky

10. Watch thisisaknife - clicky

11. Laugh at this persons face - clicky


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